Minecraft Live!-What’s In Store For The Future?!

So if you all didn’t know , 3rd October 2020 witnessed the release of #MinecraftLive on Mojang’s Twitch , Youtube and Facebook Page! The event went over a lot of Minecraft related stuff (from Dungeons to Earth) But we are here for the most prominent of em all!


Our favorite And original Minecraft Game is getting An overhaul and lemme tell you, this is one of the biggest updates to come out in years! So without further ado, lets get into it!

What’s The Update Called?


Mojang announced this after a long time (and also after a lot of hate letters from the fans) but its finally here! And there is a lot of features to cover so lets get into it!

Better Caves

  • Mojang dev’s have confirmed that the cave generation will improve along with a handful of cave biomes and in my opinion this will add an interesting functionality to the game.
  • A new feature called “Local Water Level” Was also mentioned by one of the developers which directly indicated the presence of huge lakes/pools of water in the new caves.
  • There will also be a mix and match between the cave biomes (Lush cave,deep dark..etc.) and cave types (Small cave , huge cavern..etc.). This will lead to infinite possibilities when it comes to exploring. (As there can be numerous combinations.)


Lush Cave

  • Filled To The Brim With Vegetation (Very Bright)
  • Home to layered Grass and New types of vegetation as follows:
    • Fully Covered Grass Blocks
    • Glow Berries- These Hang from a new type of vines to emit Light!
    • Azaleas – Exist as full trees on the ground but as shrubs in caves!
    • Dripleaf Plant- A plant you can climb up on. Although it resets every few seconds making you fall through it until it becomes climbable again (4-5 Seconds).This one adds a lot of functionality for parkour map creators!
    • Spore Blossom- A mystical pink flower which hangs on the roof and emits particles under it .(One of the first movable particle source). It also has opening and closing functionality resulting in 2 different textures.
  • Home to a new mob- AXOLTOLS (Will talk about them later)

Deep Dark

  • Found in the deepest of caves.
  • Very dark and creepy (Obviously)
  • Has spooky sounds
  • Home to the new mob – Warden (Will Talk About it Later)
  • Also home to A type Of vegetation- Skulk Growth.
    • It is used to make a skulk sensor which is essentially Wireless redstone. (Will talk About it Later)
  • There was also an interesting structure shown in the video which makes me believe in the possibility of abandoned cave houses.
  • Torches flicker in the Deep dark.

Dripstone Cave

  • Huge , Open ,Stony Caves.
  • Home to stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Stalactites hang from the roof and can drop on top of you , if the block above is broken.
  • Stalactites are a part of the ground and will damage any entity which steps on it. (Possible Mob Farm Maybe?)
  • Stalagmites also act as an infinite water source.

Updates to the Mountains AND Goats!

  • Snowier Snow will be added as promised (Still don’t know WTF that is)
  • Goats are a new mob inhabiting this area.
  • A new block -Powdered snow is announced (Very Slippery)
  • Mounntain generation will be overhauled and Improved along with new features!
  • New mob added to the mountains
  • Very Mischievous and like to push entities around.
  • Can jump very high.
  • They seem less affected by fall damage.
  • Will push anyone/anything off if you aren’t careful enough.

New Cave Structure – Amethyst Geode

  • Are very very rare to find.
  • Looks like a room , the size of a zombie dungeon.
  • Completely made up of purple blocks (Unharvestable)
  • These blocks generate Amethyst Crystals which look sick and are used for crafting!
  • The purple blocks produce a jingle when walked on.

New ORE- Copper!

  • Used to make copper ingots , slabs, blocks and stairs!
  • Is also a crafting ingredient for new items like Lightning Rod And Telescope!
  • Copper blocks turn green , the longer they are placed in the world. (Its a gradual change)

New Items!

  • 1)Telescope – Made with copper and Amethyst, Used to zoom onto Something
  • 2)Lightning Rod- Made with Copper and it attracts all lightning towards it and keeps your houses safe from burning (Should Be placed high up)
  • 3)Candles-New light source (Were not talked about but were present in deep dark.
  • 4)Bundles- New kind of a backpack
    • Takes up 1 inventory Slot.
    • Holds 64 items inside it. The items can be of infinite types.



  • Found in the deep dark biome.
  • Is blind and cannot see the player.
  • Moves towards vibrations much like the skulk sensor.
  • Therefore will only be attracted to you when you are not to quite will move.
  • Will move towards any changes in environment even if its not related to the player.(Like snowballs, Redstone activation, mob movement , note blocks etc.)


  • The cutest predator ever.
  • Are found in the Lush cave waters.
  • Are obtainable and tame-able using bucket fishing.
  • Are hostile to other mobs except players.
  • If the players attack a mob underwater, they will go after that mob too(If tamed)
  • If damaged ,they play dead and no mob can hit them when they are doing this.
  • They can heal themselves and the player if used correctly.
  • Make you aquaman. LOL

Winner Of The Mob VOTE!

Glow Squid won the mob vote! Not much is known about these weird glowy bags of awesomeness but I can surely tell you that they are very distracting!

Skulk Sensors – Wireless Redstone

These are sensors which work in a similar way to the warden and detect vibrations.

The vibrations give out a block update in the sensors and these updates can be used by the player to transfer redstone signals.

Wool can be used to block of its sides. IF wool is placed adjacent to any side of the sensor then the sensor wont detect vibrations from that side.

This is found in the deep dark caves and a carefully placed chain of these can easily make wireless redstone possible! Personally (They are my favorite redstone blocks)

NEW Game Mechanic- Archeology!

  • New Tool – Brush , Used for excavating grainy block (Sand,gravel,dirt etc.)
  • New Structures-Excavation site (found around the world )
  • Brushes can be used on grainy blocks around the site to obtain trearasure-
    • Treasure can include gold , emerald ,diamond blocks etc.
    • If you stop excavating , mid way then the loot is lost forever.
    • It also gives out terracotta pieces which can be used to make pots.
      • Terracotta pieces come in different colors and patterns.
      • They can be combined in unique combinations to make unique pots.
      • Once your pot is done, You can put in above fire to make it earthen.
      • Then it can be mined and moved around
  • The archeology Loot table is subject to change.

So thats all folks!

I know its a lot to take because this is one of the biggest update in ages. In my opinion this makes provision for a lot of new farms , fights and automations and TBH I am very excited.

So lets get this and Enjoy.

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Chappin out 🙂

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