Here Are All The Benefits That You Can Get As A Subscriber!

Why Should You Sub to Me?

Subscribing is one of the best ways to support me as a streamer (after donations OFC). It keeps me motivated to create better content every day. Plus – All the revenue earned through twitch will be directly used to buy better equipment/games to boost the quality of my livestreams. I would also list and update my current purchasing goals on this page. Subscribing will really be the best way to support be until I can get donations up and running! Here You Go With the link.

CURRENT GOAL – Redragon H120 (Wired Headphones)

I also try my best to reward my subscribers the best I can. Listed below are all the benefits for subscribing to me. Trust me tho, the biggest one is my utmost respect for your support!

Tier-1 & Twitch Prime Sub Benefits :

  • 1)Access to the WeoPog Emote!
  • 2)Shout-Out At the End Of Each YT Video.
  • 4)Add Me On Any Gaming Platform!
  • 5)Special priority to get a slot in the party while playing multiplayer games!
  • 6)Your Name Will Be added To The Wall Of Subs In My Room!
  • 7)Access to SUB Only Streams ONCE A month. (May Increase later)
  • 8)Access to custom Loyalty Badges Depending Upon the SUB Duration.
  • 9)Get Access to A Dedicated “Sub-Only” Section In my discord Server. I will prioritize responding to people here than Other Channels.
  • 10) Earn Channel points at x1.2 Speed.


  • 1)Access to All the Tier 1 Benefits
  • 2)Access to WeoYeah Emote!
  • 3)Flex the Undertale Heart flair On Your Loyalty Badge.
  • 4)Dedicated Instagram post and Shoutout for Every Sub.
  • 5)Add Me On Discord.
  • 6)Earn Channel Points At A x1.4 Speed.


  • 1)All Of the Tier 1 And 2 Benefits!
  • 2)Access to The WeoPig Emote!
  • 3)Enjoy The Diamond Flair on your Loyalty Badge!
  • 4)Can Ask Me to Doodle Anything on MS-Paint Once Every Month.
    (PS- It will be really bad LOL)
  • 5)Join Me In Jackbox/ Cards Against Humanity Streams whenever I feel like em.
  • 6)A Follow Back On Twitter And IG.
  • 7)Access to supreme “Tier-3 Lounge On the Discord Server.
  • 8)Earn Channel Points Twice As Fast.

Hope to seeyou at my channel!

So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go Sub to me Right here.

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