Who am I?

I am an Indian Teenager who likes to play games and upload videos of me playing then on Youtube for you all to watch!

Why Should You Watch My Channel?

Variety. With the introduction of thousands of games to the market , I am no one to stop . I never stick to a single game as I try to play as much as I Can.

I promise you that if you start watching my channel , I will never let you have a dull moment either through editing my silly gameplay or by doing a lot of challenges which others think are dumb!

Why is my Channel called “Weolins”?

Originality! Anything that wants to be on the path of success needs to be original . So when I was creating this channel , I wondered to myself that what would Pewdiepie have thought while naming his channel?!

The answer was simple- Absolutely Nothing! Thats why I named myself Weolins , a name no one else could have thought of! Its as original as my video concepts!

Support Some of My Friends Who are Into Freelancing!

Butter Chicken – Indian Youtuber (Hindi) ,plays a lot of Fortnite and has really sick editing skills

Spyripper – Indian Youtuber (Hindi) Off for a while but is really good with what he does and will definitely make you laugh!

Listogenic – Best blogger to ever exist! (English) Does blogs , mini lists and podcasts on almost everything and definitely someone you dont want to miss out on!

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