Here Are All The Benefits That You Can Get As A Subscriber!

Why Should You Sub to Me? Subscribing is one of the best ways to support me as a streamer (after donations OFC). It keeps me motivated to create better content every day. Plus – All the revenue earned through twitch will be directly used to buy better equipment/games to boost the quality of my livestreams.Continue reading “Here Are All The Benefits That You Can Get As A Subscriber!”

Minecraft Live!-What’s In Store For The Future?!

So if you all didn’t know , 3rd October 2020 witnessed the release of #MinecraftLive on Mojang’s Twitch , Youtube and Facebook Page! The event went over a lot of Minecraft related stuff (from Dungeons to Earth) But we are here for the most prominent of em all! JAVA Our favorite And original Minecraft GameContinue reading “Minecraft Live!-What’s In Store For The Future?!”

The Reason Behind The Success OF “Fall Guys!”

Uniqueness! The game being unique is the biggest reason behind its success! Earlier, when we thought about battle royale games, the first thing that came to our mind was weapons! But this epic new game changed all of that! With the entry of this hot-selling master piece , the dynamics of battle royale changed! ItContinue reading “The Reason Behind The Success OF “Fall Guys!””

You Don’t Need A High End Console/Device To Run your Favorite Games Anymore!

The Biggest Revolution In Gaming IS Here!- GOOGLE Stadia! What If I told you that In order to run high end games like Doom Eternal , PUBG , Division 2 etc. , You just need a potato PC along with a decent internet and no downloads/GPUs at all ! Bonus , It all works onContinue reading “You Don’t Need A High End Console/Device To Run your Favorite Games Anymore!”

Why Sould You Play Terraria Even If You Have Minecraft?

The Answer Is very simple , They both are Very different from Each other! I know there will be many of you guys out there who will say that “uhh, weolins terraria is just a cheap copy of minecraft! ” . Correcting you guys on that one , Terraria is definitely not a rip-off ofContinue reading “Why Sould You Play Terraria Even If You Have Minecraft?”

The Most Under-Rated Free TO Play FPS!

Let us look at a game which has had a special place in my heart since my childhood and honestly it is very under-rated and under valued! The Game I am Talking About IS Contract Wars Of Course! Contract Wars Is A free-to-play FPS Game which has it servers exclusively in Russia! This Epic gameContinue reading “The Most Under-Rated Free TO Play FPS!”

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